There is standard documentation needed in connection with ALL loans on real property. Please make sure everything is as up to date and correct as possible.

1. Residential Loan Application (1003) – You can fill this out online on the Apply Now! page.Complete full residential loan application as much as possible. Or attached on website 1003 form.
2. Triple Bureau Credit Report –We will obtain this for you
3. Driver’s License & Social Security Card –We will need clear copies
4. Two Most Recent Bank Statements (Most Recent Two Statements, All Pages, All Borrowers)
5. Most Recent Two Paystubs {30 day consecutive Stubs} (All Income, All Borrowers)
6. Two Years Tax Returns (W2s & all pages of 1040s tax returns )
7. Insurance declaration page for all properties owned (the home owners insurance policy)
8. Recent mortgage statements on all properties owned
9. Borrowers Authorization Attached signed and returned fax,email,or mail do not need original on website
10. Business tax returns if you own more than 25% of the business
11. K1’s IF you collect income from K1’S
12. On FHA streamline and refinance Loans need copy of “THE NOTE” normally 2-3 pages from your last loan documents
13. Appraisal form completed On Website or will forward when need
14. Any 1099’s received for the last 2 years
15. Retired need social security, disability, or pension award letters showing monthly or yearly amount received
16. Two most recent months of any other types of assets ,401k, IRA,CD Accounts ETC.
17. For Refinancing if you have Solar System need lease agreement or on a Purchase if you are assuming the lease we will need to obtain it also.
18. If current property is In a Trust need the Full Trust agreement or the TRUST Cert/Purchase or Refi
19. If Divorced need full divorce decree and settlement agreements that might be attached.

Additional documentation may be needed depending on the type of loan you pursue. We will let you know ahead of time of needed items.